I wanna be rich by making an app…really?

4 Apr

With 20 billion app dowloads from apple store only in 2012, and revenues of more than $9 billion…and there are hundreds of very successful app makers who generate lots of many out there from app store, but can you do it?

You may have a brilliant new idea that targets a real need and it may seem its a good idea to make an app and pay for its costs once and then benefit for years from the revenue generated…but this might not be enough!

If you want to succeed in mobile app world then you need to watch for your clients and see what they buy and you need to know the market size.

First Homework: you need to do is to know the winner app value proposition…for example: if you are in the children education category you must know what kind of apps do mothers buy, is it alphabet education or the funny time consuming apps that indirectly children learn from…

Lots of app developers fail to realize that their love of their app idea can mislead them from what customers really want.

Second Homework: you need to find the distribution partner that will guarantee the visibility of your app, it is a totally different job than developing reaching your customers and being visible is a skill that most of developers miss, dont be so arrogant and say I can do it by myself, you will soon see that marketing and PR is an art that needs people who are dedicated an d talented


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