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What’s the weight of the Earth?

13 Sep

Mmm…that’s a fun challenge it is nice to know what’s the weight of this floating ball that’s running up holding us all in space…

Let’s see what we got here, my first thought would be to see if i know the weight of something that has a some sort of a relationsip to our beloved earth like another planet for instance…but i dont know the weight of any planet, plus even if i knew the weight of a planet and the ratio of earths volume to it it might lead to a misleading calculation due to the differences in the elements compromising each.

So my second approach is trying to divide earth into areas where i am able to calculate each separately. I know that earth is divided into 4 main areas, inner core, mid area, third area and crust. We can neglect crust since it’s too thin compared to the other areas. I will assume each area’s thickness is equal. And that the density of each gets denser as we get closer to the core. Assume that the inner core has 3x the outer core’s density and that the middle is 2x. I will assume that the outer area’s density is the same as that of iron.

Sonow we will need the thickness of each area plus the density of iron to get the weight of each area.

So how can we calculate the thickness of each area?

If we have the radius of earth