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The value of sacrifise in leading to relief, real relief: Ability to self restraint on the long term

27 Dec
Copied from all rights reserved for them

Copied from
all rights reserved for them

Most of the people when faced with tough situations are automatically tempted to take the shortest path to relief the pain. And this is driven by the amygdala and basic instincts of the human being.

Although we are sure that the long term of many of those short term reliefs will not be of ultimate and end relief, but some how many of us choose to take the fastest road to relief regardless of the long term relief.

For example: when we return back from school or university and know that there are lessons that are accumulated on us to study and that we know we have to study them in order not to overwhelm our selves with many lessons before exam time. We also know that even if we overwhelmed ourselves in the time near exams we will not be able comprehend all of it, we will not be able to compete with those who studied beforehand. However some just tend to take the decision not to study now and go watch a movie or something to relief themselves.

Same example goes in business affairs. Also in religious side.

Those who trained themselves and got accustomed to NOT VALUING THEIR INNER calls for comfort, without even thinking, are the ones who are able to make a difference in life and create long term comfort. Because they are used to making an effort.

Even non-religious people, like business people, if you take a look at all the emperors and capitalists who have 80% of world’s wealth you will this trait a must-have trait in most of them, and if they happen to have taken the money easily on the long term they won’t be able to preserve it.

In my opinion, people who don’t have the capacity to sacrifice are comparatively lower in value compared to those who have it. At least for me.

In choosing a partner, those who are able to sacrifice will be patient on you when you fail and will be support to people who will be world changers. On the contrary to those who demand and need you to have things now.

And I noticed that countries or groups who have this trait don’t produce misery like Sweden. And miserable people chaotic who don’t exercise this trait are having a life of pain and are always complaining.

That’s my own point of view and reflection after reading and looking at people around me and your feedback is highly appreciated.